Welcome to

Slings by the Sea

Welcome to Slings by the Sea

We are a mobile sling library service on the North Norfolk coast giving practical safety advice on babywearing and hiring out slings of all shapes and sizes. 
We offer one to one consultations, fit checks with your own sling, sling hire, new and preloved sling sales. We travel all around Norfolk and also attend a variety of local parent and baby groups. We offer group 
workshop sessions, where you can learn a little more about babywearing.

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What is a sling library?

A service for parents and carers of babies and small children to borrow 
different types of slings/baby carriers with professional advice for a 
small fee.

What is a consultation?

This is an hour long session with a babywearing consultant where you 
learn in depth about babywearing techniques and get a customised fit 
with a sling of your choice from the sling library.

What is a fit check?

This is a quick 10 minute check with your own sling to get you as safe 
and comfortable as possible. 
Heres also a copy of my terms and conditions of hire, these may ned to 
be modified once we have the website up and running: 
Drop in sessions 
At our drop in sessions we offer free advice and hire, you are very 
welcome to bring your own carrier along for a fitting. You can find our 
upcoming sessions on our website and facebook page. 
Drop in sessions are free but we ask you support us by way of a small 

Hiring a Carrier

Hire charge: £12 per month (usually 4 weeks), which can be paid in cash, 
paypal or bank transfer.

This can be done via this website.

Terms and Conditions

All of our Terms and Conditions can be found HERE


Fantastic service and really informative. Highly recommend for anyone looking at carrying their little ones but wanting to try different types of sling first. l Love your enthusiasm and passion for it all.

– Kimberley Lawn

Thank you so much Amie for coming out to me and Arlo with all the information and amazing collection of carriers/slings!! We found our carrier to hire from you and what a fab idea it is!!! We absolutely love it and it’s made long walks so much better not having to lug the pushchair when Arlo has a little stroll! He’s definitely making the most of it!

– Shannon Smith

Really helped me today at sling babies. You recommended an amazing sling that I can’t wait to try out on a dog walk! Thank you so much for your help made such a difference to me and my baby.

– Shannon Smith

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